Sunday, August 3, 2008

dip your toe in, the water is fine

it would seem that my bandwidth for introspective query has been all-but swallowed of late by the realm of the unconscious. i did have a very interesting conversation the other night with a friend of mine who is going through a pretty hard time right now. he had a lot of pretty keen insight into his own direction and choices, and i found that i could layer my own choices right over the top of his and define my place in life as very similar to his.

here's what i found fascinating by that conversation--he really was quite down and struggling to gain perspective about his own direction. i wouldn't cast his position in a negative light, just extremely challenging. somewhere in the middle of the conversation he had asked me about what was going on for me, and as i described my life he commented that he would love to be in my position right now. i found this so enlightening because as i stated above i could class all the things that i'm in the middle of, in a very similar way to how he described his own life...

--i'm on a search for spiritual fulfillment, seeking meaning in my daily life that fortifies my daily choices.
--my daily job is a good one, but kicks my ass half the time. i question if i should really be doing this right now, or if there is another way to reach the goal i am yearning for. i love it most all of the time, and hate it just a tiny bit, the rest of the time.
--my personal life has its ups and downs, with relationships that show up to teach me exactly what i ask for, but sometimes not ever how i would have asked for it.

here's what i love about all of this...if i stand back just the tiniest bit and gain the perspective of what i have been praying for, asking to show up in my life, working towards achieving...then i can see that my life is giving me exactly what i ask for, without exception. it's just that i wouldn't have ever thought of having it show up the way the universe has formulated for delivery. when i recognize this, i can only feel extremely blessed to have so many prayers be answered so explicitly.

i actually feel incredibly powerful in my own life and become daily more aware that i must be so purposeful and intentional in what i ask for from life because, without a doubt, life intends to deliver!

is it just me, is this stuff obvious to the rest of the world? maybe it has taken me this far in my life to learn what is really primer level learning, but i tell ya, it has changed the way i view everything. life is a gift, constantly flowing to answer the call i have put out. i'm so grateful to be a part of the river.

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  1. I know, I know. We were only in Utah for 3 days. And, still 3 hours from SLC. Don't you think if even the slightest chance I would make a run to Cafe Rio and call the Llama? Blame Jeff. Actually, we took so much vacation this year that we could only spare a few days for this quick jaunt.