Tuesday, May 19, 2009

stand like a tree

i started this story over a year ago (chapter 1 Life on Earth) and have written a few versions for myself of the next chapter. over the past several weeks the next chapter has all but leapt from it's origins and i thought i would share it with you...

chapter 2

As she stepped over the garden wall, the girl child began to run. She had practiced this running thing inside the castle many times, especially when she wasn’t supposed to be prowling about; like the time she fell asleep in the throne room only to awaken to the hushed tones of constance and one of the scribes as they discussed the terrible illness of the queen’s mother that had come so quickly and without warning that no one had been able to wish her a fond journey as she left the palace seeking a new home for her sprirt . the ever-so-small girl child ran like the wind on her very tippy toes unheard as she was unseen, leaping into the menagerie of animal topiaries in the courtyard where she wailed and grieved the loss of that kind spirit who sometimes did notice the rustling undercurrent as the child passed by and kindly hummed a lullaby or two thinking fondly on younger days.

Well this time her running was full of joy, it was as if her sturdy boots spurred her to greater speeds, energetically springing from the ground, eager to tap out the rythm of horsed hooves on hard ground. She soon became so warm that she shed her warm fur robe and laid down her bag and baskets; knowing she could return for these later; hers was a sprint of utter blissful abandon.

Deep in the forest a clearing opened in front of her where a glint of light filtered down through the massive leaves of ancient maples and sycamores. The cool green light reflecting there stopped this newly born forest sprite in her tracks. The only sound she could hear was the enormous pounding of her heart right up in her ears and the rasping breaths filling her lungs with the scent of newly turned earth. There was even the slightly tinny flavor of slowly growing moss on the wide low branches of the trees here, only just moistened by the morning mists.

As her breath began to pace itself inside her lungs the girl caught another sound here in the clearing. The forest lichen clung deeply to the ancient runic stones spread about the clearing and the rhythm of another beat sounded in her ears…these anciently placed monoliths seemed to be in a dance of their very own partnering only with the sprites of the trees surrounding them. Without hesitation, our sapling tree druid reached down and slipped off her boots—feeling the heartbeat of mother earth below as she pounded out the rhythm of this lifegiving dance. It was suddenly apparent that what had once appeared to be a still and frozen clearing was really a much more stately and graceful dance floor than any even lady chatelaine herself had favored.

The leaves and light the trees and stone were weaving the most ethereal and golden path of essence through this clearing and the dance had been going on for centuries. Roots and moss began to cover her own bared feet as she lent her soles to the dance, and her arms lifted into the air, reaching to join the lofty tops of leafy trees where the warming sun sounded out the cadence of the dance. This golden union lasted years, or maybe just a moment but in that moment her veins and nerves sunk like energetic roots deep in the earth sharing a secret knowledge and imprint that rises from the earth to empower and awaken them with the wisdom of lifetimes–imprinting there a blueprint for guidance that cannot be forgotten no matter how distant the connection may become.

Her arms and even the hair on her head rose with the spirit of her soul in song to the sun, which in turn rained down lilting notes of symphonic light filling to overflow the harmonic connections to the child’s heart and the surrounding spirits of the dance. The deep rich resonating vibration that filled the clearing became the stuff of legends. The music of this moment rivaled that of the lady Florence and became the life pursuit of many a –court musician to capture it in notes and instruments.

In that priceless moment , as the girl’s spirit joined with earth and sky, the living spirit of the woods and the world, the lords, ladies and courtiers of the castle reawakened with a gasp. They too had felt what had never been felt before . and with that, the young lovely knelt down slipping back on her boots and turned to venture with great anticipation even deeper into the waiting forest.

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