Thursday, September 24, 2009

what comes around, colors my world

one of my journal pages from a recent moment when i was flooded with information and couldn't take it in intellectually. i switched and started with colors and shapes and here is what i ended up with. then i came home and found this start to a blog. ok, so they both are far from perfect, but the synchronicity could not be ignored, at least not by me:)

this week is completely different. i'm so much more willing to be in my moments, expect good things and am actually finding that to be true. once again a reminder of how life moves in ebb and flow, and where i'm standing in the tide makes all the difference on how i experience the truth.

i am learning that as i trust emergence, the beautiful things for which i seek...i.e. "how a little lama finds her way in the world" seem to just show up gloriously. and when i integrate all my allowing spirit with my silly little old ego, i love what bubbles to the surface!

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  1. what is that anonymous?

    anyways-beautiful val i love this post!