Monday, March 3, 2008

"Creative Expression" or build a bear

i have found myself talking a lot lately about a bit of wisdom that was recently presented to me by my mom of all people. i know, funny that we should take anything that our mother says seriously, but i've just got a mother like that--she says a lot of great things, and when they aren't so great, there's even good stuff to read between the lines.

she's been doing this personal, inner work business (again, i know funny huh? that a blogger like me should have a mother like that?) and working with a community of teachers for a few years. having finished up a bit of learning she felt inclined to share, and i suppose that inclined me to learn. she had a lot to say and i'm sure there were other bits of wisdom in there, but the takeaway for today is about finding yourself stuck in a problem...

i can't tell you how many people, friends and near strangers, i have talked to in the past few months that have some seriously big stuff that can be described quite clearly as a problem in their life and they feel absolutely stuck, not knowing how to how to get out of it. this is not a finger pointing game, i have definitely felt this way about a few huge obstacles that sat right down on my heart and solar plexus mid-winter, refusing to budge until punxatoney phil poked his head out and meant it. what i have been utterly thrilled about is this new piece of learning and how it shifted the monstrosity right off my chest and allowed me to shrink it to a little treasure box size--the size of a thing i can take out of its place on the shelf and look at, deal with, comprehend---and take or leave as something that has any drama in my life, rather just very valuable learning that i am glad to ingest for the gift it is and move through it, with it, on with life.

so here's the gist of the thing...when faced with the energy of being stuck in a problem we are faced with a few choices
1. if stuck, choose to be still or move
2. if in relationship, choose to move towards or away from the relationship(love, business, teacher in school, taxman, whatever)
3. move into problem solving mode or creative expression (the idea being that the brain that got us into the problem in the first place isn't the thinking place that can fix it, and engaging the brain in creative expression shifts the brain waves that are even being triggered and solutions start to flow)
hello, this is such a simple model and seems a little too simplistic to actually work right?

all i'm saying is give it a try, when you feel stuck without a place to go to solve the deep shit you find yourself mired in--move towards creative expression!!!! it shifts mountains that now really do just appear to be molehills, brings clarity in times of turbulence and soothes some seriously tense nerves.

i've had some great interactions with people lately who have reminded me how wonderful it is to express the creative being inside of me. i'm so grateful for those people, showing up to remind me how luscious it feels to be a creator, whether that is dancing, painting, drumming or belly laughing until pants wetting ensues. for all these moments i thank you. i'd love to hear about what forms your creative expression takes...let me know what things work for you

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  1. llama,
    love your thoughts and I lift a glass, tip my hat to the mama llama! lets chat soon...D

  2. Body Painting always works best for me! Okay, for reals moving works best for us. All that extra blood flow means that even more is going to the brain than usual and when we fire up the old thinker, great things and great feelings start showing up.

    Hmm. I think it's time for an outdoor, early spring music fest.


  3. by moving do you mean actually moving out of your house? i'm thinking you are just talking body movement, and i'm right with you on that one. any time you want to get together for the spring music fest let me know!!!

  4. Silly Llama. Not Moving Moving. I'm talking about moving moving.

    For musical starters we could have a big fire and the ticket to the event is to have a song prepared to play for the group.

    Then we'd eat the toasted marshmallows.


  5. b--

    well you know i always remember the first 8 bars to send in the clowns from my 9th grade piano recital--i'm sure that would be more than enough to get the party started!!

  6. Hey Petite Lama,
    I love this entry. I forget that creative expression feeds my soul. When I get busy, am faced with a huge problem or other stuff I usually put the creative stuff aside. But it's that stuff (piano playing, sewing, cooking) that pulls me out every time. Carrie gave me your contact info. I'll be emailing you! Love you. K