Tuesday, April 8, 2008

same bat channel

whole new format--o.k., not really new and not different so much as just a little bit shorter.

what i want to know is how do people with full time jobs have time to fully service a blog of this nature, live a normal life and put in 8 hours+ a day? when i was just a part time worker of the world i still couldn't put the time in here that i would have liked to.

so here's my question, am i just not that hard of a worker, maybe not really that great of a writer, are others more passionate about their job--or maybe just their writing, have some discovered the secret to the space/time continuim that allows for expanding time where it is needed and contracting where it is not, is there somewhere a perfect voice recognition technology that will record my thoughts in the car and deliver them in perfected format to this blog, how do i get the sounds of water running from the shower out of the recording--that's where i seem to have my most perfect thoughts....and sometimes in that in between sleep and awake moment, when the luminous nature of the soul steps in to usher me to the other side--but it's just about then that my motor writing skills are at their worst and i never seem capable of breaking free from slumber's grasp long enough to jot a thought or two down? (how's that for a question)

anyone out there with all the answers????


  1. No answers, just more questions.
    There are so many fun things to do and so little time to them all!
    I don't have time to sign in as a google/blogger so I'll sign here!

  2. I don't understand the question...just kidding. I must admit I spend entirly to much time on the computer. Laundry piles up, but the kids are in school and I sit quietly down at the computer and blog away!

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  4. PL-once you are addicted it's easy to let the necessities of life fall away...hahaha!