Monday, May 26, 2008

Anything but this...

It's amazing to me how the past few weeks of my life have unfolded. Through absolutely no master plan of my own, life has shown up to give me exactly what i have needed. The layers of each event have built this mind blowing feeling of assurance and grace in me that i have been craving for quite some time. --So here's the odd bit, in spite of all these happenstances (and mind you not all of them easy or wonderful--just what i needed) i have been fairly unable to articulate in this space what has been going on for me. The past few days as i have finally come to rest at my own home and had time to unravel my feelings, i recognize a resistance to write anything in these pages unless i have come to the perfect conclusion, made lemonade from my proverbial lemons or resolved the inner angst that plagues me.

i am called to ask myself--and you, what kind of learning process do i share if all i write about is the end result, none of the-along the way- underpinings for peace, love and understanding?

( i had someone accuse me of being a drama queen this week, what's that all about if i don't even share some of the drama along the way?)

I spent the last week with a truly perfectly called-in group of people--each one showing up with their own strengths and weaknesses, willing to learn as individuals and as a whole. as i sat before them, asking for understanding, connection and insight; i was overcome by their intention for acceptance, unconditional love when asked for it and willingness to witness the journey each member of the group had shown up to take.

and what did i learn about myself? i was asking to be seen--in the small and tiny ways that so many of us are afraid to share about ourselves. it took me almost the whole week to voice this request, to actually verbalize what i so needed from these people that they were so willing to give. this was not a request that might be classed, in most senses, as one of mythic proportions; and yet, the import for me is grand!!! Funny thing is, i was totally willing to do and say that for any person in that room--but was too afraid to ask for it myself. how does this fear get to boss me around? how does it get control of what i do or say? how do any of our fears get to be the thing that controls our actions, rather than our strengths or aspirations?

perhaps there is something to be said for making lemonade from those old lemons anyway. . . we, each of us, come into this world with the things that already hold great import and merit for us, things that we want to share with the world; but the way we learn to do, share, be in the world isn't always the easiest. i guess what i'm trying to say here is that i intend to write some of the hard things too, not just the glossy cross your fingers and we'll see what the little fingers type in the way of exposition.

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  1. I know you as very articulate and insightful. I enjoyed reading your most recent post and can identify with some of your feelings. I too was "there" for everyone else but it's much more of a challenge when it comes to ourselves. And fears are a big reason why. My hope is that you'll just "do it", inspite of the fears.

  2. ron--the really nice thing about the experiences that i've been having over the past few months is that i'm learning to just let the fears slip through my fingertips (knock on wood). when i don't grip so tightly, i always feel so blessed at what shows up to support me.

    great to see you here, loved your blog too--is it open for comments?


  3. PL--I've always loved your talent for using just the right I was reminded of a time I asked you something about your watch and you told me that you were not a watch connoisseur! See, it even took my spell check a few minutes to come up with that one, you quick-wit! But anyway, I'm finding in my own life that I'm enjoying growing older as I am able to let go of fears and be who I am. Loves!