Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pump up the Jam

SENSE   since when does greater awareness bring shortness of breath?  am i foolishly under the illusion that i have any sort of awareness about anything?  sometimes ebb and flow is full of a helluva lot of ebb.  integration can mean that the new way really wants to upset my apple cart...and then here i sit with a bunch of bruised apples by the side of the road. 

SENSIBILITY   note to self -- even when i am on some level aware that my shadow is shifting, a new light is casting its gaze on me, and my ego is learning to relinquish its range of control over so many aspects of my life--simple does not mean easy.  right here is where i must remember to BREATHE.   (oh yah, that god CPR thing might be kickin' in right about now)  so don't mind the omnipotent beating on your chest when it feels like your heart might break right else to 'improve the rhythm' than to inject a little baseline.


  1. Wow Val. It sounds like you really stretched and learned something about your own strength and resilience this trip. I'm glad I stopped by and read your entries. I do believe it's time for a real conversation.

    Your posts make me think of a CD I just listened to called, "Finding Your Life's Purpose" by Eckhart Tolle.

  2. gotta love the wisdom of tolle huh? he speaks from an enlightened level of insight for me:)