Sunday, July 3, 2011


have i used that one before?
or more aptly asked, has it used me?  the moments in between the arrivals and departures--the tiny bits that happen when waiting for the other shoe to drop-- have quite a way of showing up to teach me such big stuff...i find these synchronistic moments so deeply meaningful that i sometimes end up drinking too much from that cup and not simply tasting what is right in front of me.

This week i departed my full-time "employment" of fundraising and service/learning expedition work to "employ" myself a little closer to home.  i've spent the past three years working for a cause based primarily in Brazil, and while it was so clearly the perfect place for me to be doing my thing during that time, it is so clearly now not!  The clarity i am now seeking is a little more understanding on what my "thing" is and how i do it exactly.  i talk a good game with great profundity, but can i match that in my walk? 

i like the question, i guess i am willing to embrace being in that question for the time notice my own willingness to show up in each moment, knowing that each one is some form of an answer to prayer.  am i clever enough to recognize that answer, see how i have called in the moment to teach or gift me with deeper clarity on my own path. 

These are the moments of serendipity, the answers to prayer, the funny little ways that life has of working itself out, and if i can remain open to delving into those moments, sharing with vulnerability my own experience from that place...i just might stand a chance of entering full-time into the real occupation of that is worth the gamble isn't it?

life has a way of seeping in at the edges eh?

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