Monday, May 13, 2013

A 'Stalk' on The Wild Side...

A 'Stalk' on The Wild Side...
Seek, Explore, Unleash the Wise One in You
 Are you ready to get all powerful and native
to GO FORTH  and be a
 Life is too short to do it any other way!

Can you remember being that kid on the roof up there with your red cape flying?  I mean it, remember being a kid and making a game out of hunting down the biggest, baddest adventures and mysteries on the block?  I can remember getting all outfitted up and setting out in the neighborhood to peek into all the scariest places i knew about...I would wait with my best friend in the whole world at the edge of the golfcourse until no carts were in sight...and then dash onto the field and into the sprinklers to get completely wet and cooled from the intense summer heat;  i stealthily followed my older brother around on his own adventure route, who had threatened life and limb if i did,  from a very safe distance and watch him catch lizards--wishing for the day when i would be fast enough to catch my own; i would even sneak into the huge unlandscaped backyard at the end of the block--where i was pretty sure a single dad lived who had most likely eaten all his children--to kick up storms of powdery white sand--pretending i was a giant walking on clouds.  The adventures of the wildchild--daily slips into imaginary realms, yearnings for moments of heightened awareness--we all were born with this. Somehow the gift our spirit enters this world with is an inner youthful one willing to explore, approach our most profound moments with stealth and attention, focus for extended periods of time on the things we were most afraid of, but that promised thrills beyond imagination.

And then our wildchild meets maturity..welcome to adultville, land of commonsense and avoiding doing anything scary at all.

What happened to that wild being inside of us that knew the worth of getting very still in the darkest corner just to have a chance to see Santa go by? Where did the little one disappear to who knew somewhere deep inside the only way to spot a fairy was to slip effortlessly and silently through the dappled light and shadows along the forest trail?

How about a little epic awesome! How about stepping back into moments of anything is possible when i walk the edge of shadow and light, use all my wild jungle hunter skills to stalk the place where i pass through fear and discover the light?  This is the exact notion of Stalking Our Wild Side, where our ageless selves have the power to unearth the 'danger zone' in the light of day. 
How about this?
Rather than never attempting to observe what exists in the darkest places for ourselves, to recognize that on the other side of fear exists the next level of our greatest high; how about getting fully outfitted into the best cape and boots ever and leap into that adventure?

It's pretty epic to consider that all i might need to get to awesome is the right cape and boots! 
Tools, timing, stealthy stalker instincts...
How about somma that to bring on the Epic Shit!
   SHAZAM!   (and all those other superhero secret passwords)
 Let the Epic Begin!

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