Friday, October 25, 2013

Start Making Sense

Before great vision can become reality there may be difficulty. Before a person begins a great endeavor, they may encounter chaos. As a new plant breaks the ground with great effort, foreshadowing the huge tree, so must we sometimes push against difficulty in bringing forth our dreams. Chaos-where dreams begin...
I Ching Hexagram #3

Brilliance from Chaos
 mandala by Valerie Holt

Dharma: Finding sense in  
the Order of the Universe...
Finding sense or order in life asks us to bring our 'A' game.
Consider this an invitation to get into  
coaching mode for yourself--Time for an internal dialogue.

Life gets messy, chaotic even.
How do we incorporate the experiences of our own lives and those examples that we truly value,  as a way to make some sense, find some wisdom, seek a path we actually want follow?  So often we seek and seek, learn and learn, surf the waves of living and totally turf it on the shore...over and over and over...When someone has lived or survived a certain cycle of learning and whether they consciously choose to or not, they are holding out a light for all they are worth to make their way on the path in front of them without breaking their neck. We are each of us, doing this, in some aspect of our lives-- 

Showing the Way, Making the sense, Finding the path.

Take a minute as you read these words, reflect on your own Turf Sessions, call this the video highlights of the game.  Now it's time to talk strategy--we're gonna call this part of living and learning the spin cycle and my suggestion today is that you start to reflect, apply a tiny bit of big picture strategy, find that inner voice of coach; dig a little deeper and amazingly you will see you have such inner wisdom, you are your best divine source for guidance--the best choice to bring order to your sense of spin. 
The divine, still, knowing self that dwells right in your center--the Divine Wayshower--knows what it takes to bring your 'A' game--so it's time to start a little chatter,
wouldn't you say?
 Getting to the insight or perspective of WayShower requires living through the Spin Cycle--cycles of personal growth. That means you gotta play a lot of games just to figure out how you like to throw, whether you are a fast runner or better at a slow game...

The Wayshower is a powerful archetype to take on, sit with, walk around and think about, or invite into dreamtime when learning to recognize inner guidance--start some inner chatter with this guy! 
I like to picture the very humble image of a monk or maybe even a hermit-someone who journeys to the holy mountain to get some perspective and stillness. But the beauty of inner dialogue is that you get to choose any image you like that offers great perspective, wisdom, and most definitely humor in your life (it's really just Divine You in a new suit).

You could even sit with the image of a lighthouse, but one that is moving-not locked in place-and only just missing the rocks ahead in time enough to shine a light for those following behind because you are living this wisdom, learning it moment by moment and applying it in the very next moment when new rocks appear.

 The rocks, Spin Cycles or cycles of learning are constantly arising as we make our way through life. When we understand this cycle is rotating through our lives--on huge major cog wheels, or tiny little spokes, they can be measured in generations, minutes, milliseconds or milennia--it is the beginning of understanding our own strategy for a successful Spin Cycle. 

Here's the key... we become empowered in our own lives when we recognize & acknowledge the cycle.  The Brilliance of this sense of Order is begging for its turn--this is your turf, why not master the spin?   

 We start just by recognizing...

big loves, Valilama 

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